Hello tout le monde, Revoilà un petit article culinaire ! Eh oui maintenant que je suis en vacances j'ai le temps de faire de bons petits gâteaux :) !! De plus mon chéri et moi adorons en faire ! Dans cet article je vous propose alors une petite rece...
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Run & Mix : Gagne ta place

Run&Mix pour aller courirHi !Aujourd'hui, j'écris pour vous, toulousains, où dans les alentours! Cependant, si vous êtes de Marseille, Nantes ou Stranbourge, le concept existe aussi là-bas. Je viens pour vous parler du Run&Mix et pour vous faire gagn...
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#156 Fringes & rock

Hello les coquettes! L'autre jour j'ai réalisé que cela faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas porté mes bottines cloutées et qu'elles me manquaient. Et oui certains vêtements nous manquent à force de rester au fond du placard. Du coup, tant pis si ell...

First of all. No second of all, no.

Cette semaine, nous avons du jongler entre la neige, le vent et la pluie pour tenter de shooter un look. Autant vous dire que ça n’a pas été simple et que, juste après ces quelques photos, nous avons du courir jusqu’à la voiture pour éviter le déluge...
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The Holiday Sweater: Cute or Simply Kitsch?

Hello girls, The holiday sweater.  No piece of clothing has ever sparked so much love and horror at the same time.  At least, between November and January.  If you type these two magic words into Google, you get a variety of images; ranging from cute...
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How To Look Fabulous For NYE?

Hey people, How are you doing?  I hope you had a great Christmas with your family and friends.  And I sure hope you received great gifts :) Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to prepare for the next bit event: New Year’s Eve.  In this post, I will...
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Wishlist January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve had a great (and stylish) New Year’s Eve.  I’d be happy to hear what you wore and how you spent the last days of 2015. With this first post of 2016, I’ll launch a new category: My Wishlists.  I think it will giv...
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Understated Winter Look

Hello there, Have you recovered from too much eating (leftovers included), drinking, and not enough sleep?  :)  I hope your first week back to work/back to school was not too hellish! After over the top outfits and fancy accessories from NYE, I thoug...
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Golden Globes 2016: My Top 10

Hey there people, I’m so excited!!!  It’s awards season in Hollywood!!!!  Why do I care?  Why does anyone care?  Well, if you’re a nominated actress, I guess the answer is pretty obvious.  But why do we, mere mortals, get excited for these shows?  Be...
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How To Mix and Match Styles?

Hey there, I hope your week went well!  So, I want to know, what did you shop on sales these past few weeks? As far as I’m concerned, I found a bunch of cool stuffs I’m really happy about.  And in this post, I’ll show you two pieces I got at Xandres/...
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For The Love of Heels

Shoes.  High heels.  After diamonds, I think they are a girl’s best friend… So that makes them a girl’s second best friend.  Good enough for shoes, right?  And since we can’t all afford diamonds but that we all have shoes, that makes them our first b...
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