Vous vous êtes décidés et l’archipel Nippon est votre prochaine destination. Mais préparer un voyage au Japon peut paraître compliqué. On vous donne alors quelques conseils pour le faire en toute sérénité et vous aller voir que le Japon est tout à fa...
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8 Important Factors To Take Into Consideration While Searching For A Room / Apartment In Yaounde

"Douala fine soteh, but na house dear". An excerpt from the song 'Djombos' by the famous singer Eriko.Though I'm sharing from my experience of house search in Yaounde, I believe these tips will apply to other major towns of Cameroon especially in a t...
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6 Kinds Of Neighbours You'll Have In Cameroon

Good neighbours are hard to find. It is possible to find a good house in a good neighbourhood but your neighbours may make life easy or difficult for you. You may decide to mind your business but whatever they do will affect you one way or the other....
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How To Live In Peace With Your Cameroonian Landlord

It's not easy to maintain a good relationship with your landlord especially when they are difficult to deal with. Landlord and tenant fights are very common in Cameroon and most times are caused by some misunderstandings.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygo...
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How To Get Rid Of Skin Blemishes By Steaming Your Face.

Face steaming is a process where heat from water vapour is used to treat the face from skin problems like acne and blemishes. Steaming can be done in beauty shops and salons using apparel made for it but did you know that you can steam your face at h...
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Rainy Season Essentials In Cameroon

The rainy season in Cameroon often starts from the month of March to October. During this period there are heavy and light periods of rainfall which vary within the country. Wherever you find yourself on the national territory, there are some basic e...
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OOTD: Wool neat top and palazzo pants

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How To Fry Crunchy Cameroonian Unripe Plantain Chips

Plantain chips are a common snack in Cameroon and it's sold in shops and by the roadside. It's price ranges from 100frs to 1000frs CFA depending on the size of the packet sold. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); While buying plant...
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How To Cook Khati-Khati

Chicken, vegetable and corn fufu - what a wonderful combination of flavours and tastes! This is the trio that makes up our meal for today.Khati-khati is a meal originating for the North West Region of Cameroon and is eaten by a lot of Cameroonians th...
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How to Cook Achu and Yellow Soup As Bafut Women Do

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Growing up, I never used to like eating Achu but now that I'm older I tell myself 'see what you have been missing!'Achu is the traditional meal of my village (you can guess from the title of this blo...
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I Did Bantu-Knots With Short Hair - Here Is How!

The last time I relaxed my hair, I felt like cutting it. I have really thick hair and when it gets longer it's more difficult to comb through it. I went for many days without combing my hair and I slept without protecting it. It got so entangled. Com...
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