Ces collections qui vont nous rendre dingue pour cette fin d'année ! $99.00 $69.00 $36.00 $49.00 $135.00 $60.00 $49.00 $20.00 $59.00 $44.00 $34.00 $45.00 $45.00
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Vintage Flowers 3D Nail Art Stickers

Hello lovelies! How are you today?It's time for another nail art related review and today I'd like to show you some Vintage Flower stickers I got from Born Pretty Store. Keep reading after the jump!Continue Reading
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Y is for YSL

Hello, sweeties!How are you doing? Only two more letters to go and the ABC challenge will be over (so you can rest from all this swatching old polishes, lol) I know it is not a very "springful" shade, but I didn't have much choice of polishes sta...
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NOTD | Loving my Peacock nails

♥Click aquí para versión en Castellano♥♥Descendez pour la versión en français♥Happy Friday sweeties!What are you planning or this weekend? What is the weather like where you live?This is the 29th issue of the Nail Art Challenge called "40 Great Nail ...
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Z is for Zoya

Hello, sweeties!That's it! We arrived to letter "Z"!! The last appointment with the ABC Challenge, and it's time to show your a Zoya nail polish, which to my eye is perfectly suitable for the season! Continue Reading
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Mother's day wishlist

Last year, I received the biggest, greatest, most awesome mother's day gift a woman can dream of: my baby girl was born that day! As anyone can hardly compete with that, this year I'm keeping it low profile, and my wishlist has only items fro...
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The blush tag

A few days ago, the lovely Myrona from Our Walking closet's secrets tagged me to answer a series of questions meant for a makeup addict. More precisely for a blush addict. I totally fall in that category so I immediately said YES! and started dig...
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Gattinoni cosmetics: Luxury skincare

I have the most exciting news: The Skincare world has a newborn! The prestigious Italian Fashion Group Gattinoni has recently launched a whole skincare line for face and body called Gattinoni Cosmetics. I've been lucky enough to have tested two f...
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NOTD | Mosaic nails using three shades of Orange

Hello my lovelies! Happy Hump day! I have missed you!Last week was terrible, I was feeling under the weather, with a temperature and the flu. I dragged myself through the weekend, on Monday my hubby left for a business trip and the chaos unleashed at...
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'Till the last drop | Products I've finished in April

Hello, my lovelies! Are you enjoying the bank holiday?I don't want to let the first week of May go away without sharing with you some of the products I've emptied lately, it's been ages since I wrote a similar post!Continue Reading
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NOTD | High contrast hibiscus flowers

Hello Sweeties! Happy Friday!For the 31st appointment with the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge we have the prompt "floral". There is few things I love more than floral nail art, so today I went all out and put my one stroke technique to the test!Co...
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